Fancy wearability.

We design our often fancy, but always wearable eyewear models in their strikingly beautiful color combinations for self-assured individualists. This is not the place for mass-produced items. For us quality in design always means the consonance of form and function.

Fashion without colors?
Absolutely inconceivable. Especially for AXEL S. Because our world isn’t grey and our models are not only black and havanna. For us colors are a sensuous experience. We’re surrounded by colors, react to them and we love working with them. This becomes particularly apparent in our hand-painted models.


Upholding the appreciation of quality.

After thorough preparatory work a prototype is produced for every frame. Improvements are made following extensive peer review and only then can the production of a new “AXEL S. Classic” begin.

Here the foundation for the high quality that has made our models so popular in the world of eyewear is laid as early as the first steps of the procedure.

Anyone who has ever seen how up to four thin layers of acetate are joined together in a special process and then very impressively set on a finished pair of glasses may often come away with a sense of mere one-dimensionality when it comes to conventional frames. At the end is an exquisite product, unique in style and attractiveness!
Equally impressive are our fine stainless steel frames that delight thanks to a wide variety of innovative fabrication techniques and production processes, superior in precision and color composition.